Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

This Hungarian herding breed loves having a job to do, and they have the high energy and drive for it.

Fun Fact

Though sometimes called the Hungarian herding terrier, they are not terriers. It is thought that they’re related to Tibetan herding breeds, which Europeans mistook as terriers (such as the Tibetan Terrier).

  • About the Pumi

    Originating in Hungary as a herding breed, the Pumi (plural: Pumik) is instantly recognizable with its high-set folded ears and curly, low-shedding coat. Though herding breeds have been used in Hungary for many centuries, they were separated into distinct varieties in the early 20th century based on appearance, and the Pumi, Puli, and Mudi were standardized.

    The Pumi is still used today to herd cattle, sheep, and other livestock. In addition to herding, they can also be trained for other tasks such as search and rescue, detection, agility, and obedience. As herding was their original purpose, they’re eligible to compete in herding events, and many enjoy competing in herding trails. They’re a great all-purpose breed for canine sports, but they do retain their loud bark and vocal tendencies used for herding, which can set some owners on edge.

    The Pumi is a good-natured dog, but they are often reserved or indifferent toward strangers. It is important to socialize a Pumi early so that they do not become overly-suspicious of others outside their family. As a herding dog, the Pumi is an active breed and they do best when they have space to roam and a job to do (which can be any activity, not just herding). However, they can also make an exceptional family pet with their high intelligence and trainability.
  • Health Conditions

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