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Pungsans are a North Korean hunting breed, best known for their ability to hunt very large animals in the mountainous regions of Korea, including tigers! Pungsans are a very old breed, and can trace their roots to the Joseon dynasty (which is sort of vague because the Josean dynasty spanned from the 1300’s to the 1800’s). Their name derives from Pungsan, a hilly and mountainous region of North Korea.

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Quick Facts


Male: 21-24in

Female: 20-23in


Male: 50-70lb

Female: 50-65lb

Fun Fact

Pungsans are well known for their unusual bark, which sounds a lot like the clucking of a chicken.

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About this Breed

Pungsans are a North Korean hunting breed from the mountainous regions, best known for their ability to hunt very large animals, including tigers. They are an old breed that can trace their roots to the Joseon dynasty, which spanned from the 1300s to the 1800s). Their name derives from Pungsan, a hilly and mountainous region of North Korea.

While Pungsans are a popular working breed in North Korea, they are very rare outside of their country of origin. While there are a few breeders in North America, people might have to do a lot of research and wait awhile to get their hands on a Pungsan pup. If prospective owners have their heart set on one of these white, fox-like dogs, however, it will be worth all of their effort. Pungsans are affable and affectionate dogs—to their family and master, at least. They are initially wary of strangers—a remnant, probably, from their days as working dogs—and are liable to actually ignore everyone else. If owners want a dog that will help them make friends at the dog park, the Pungsan is not the right breed. They have a tendency to not care about anyone but their immediate family. That being said, they are loyal and loving to their master and are good with children when socialized early enough.

Pungsans are not, however, particularly good with other dogs. They are very territorial and can become aggressive if they perceive that their domain or their family is compromised. Because of this aspect of their personality, they do best in a one-dog household.

Because of their history of hunting and working tirelessly in the frigid mountains of North Korea, Pungsans are not well suited to city or apartment living. They will be happiest in a suburban or, even better, a rural home where they have plenty of room to run. They are also avid chewers and must be provided with appropriate things to gnaw on or they will find something on their own. Keep shoes safe by purchasing Pungsan pups a variety of safe chews and bones.

All in all, if people are able to actually find one, Pungsans make good pets for experienced dog owners who are looking for a protective and intelligent family dog.

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  5. New Hampshire, Verenigde Staten
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  7. South Korea
  8. Delaware, United States
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