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Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd

These lean but muscular dogs have breathtaking speed, grace, and intelligence. Their passion for their family is matched only by their passion for work, and Pyr Shep dog breed owners should be prepared to give their dogs a job to do, whether it’s a competitive dog sport or a flock of sheep to boss around.

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Quick Facts


Male: 15-21in

Female: 15-21in


Male: 25-30lb

Female: 25-30lb

Fun Fact

The Pyrenean Shepherd is AKC’s 161st breed.

About this Breed

If you ever see a Pyr Shep run an agility course, you’ll be astonished by the enthusiasm and speed of this lean but muscular little herding dog. Their movement is said to “shave the earth,” and indeed, it almost looks as if they are flying.

To live with a Pyrenean Shepherd is to take on a highly energetic, intelligent, mischievous companion whose passion for you will be matched only by their desire to work. Be prepared to stimulate their mind and fulfill their need for activity with a challenging dog sport or some kind of flock that they can take charge of. Ever vigilant, they tend to be distrustful of strangers and makes an excellent watchdog. You should give your Pyr Shep plenty of socialization, beginning in early puppyhood, to ensure that their lively personality develops to its fullest potential.

Pyrenean Shepherds on Embark

Explore some Embark dogs that share Pyrenean Shepherd ancestry.

  • Marie









    Brie Streetsmart Extreme Braveheart

    Brie Streetsmart Extreme Braveheart


  • Figaro



Favorite Names

For Males

  1. Brie Streetsmart Extreme Braveheart
  2. Figaro
  3. Finwe
  4. Gandalf du Mourioche
  5. Le KangaRoo de Loarwenn

For Females

  1. Holly
  2. Marie
  3. Mila
  4. Noche
  5. Penny dite Onnea du Champ d'Onix
  6. Praya
  7. Wallaby

Common Locations

  1. State of São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Navarra, España
  3. Finland
  4. Francia
  5. Polen
  6. New York, United States
  7. Akershus, Norge
  8. Aragón, España
  9. Minnesota, United States
  10. España

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