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The Schipperke is a small spitz-looking breed from Belgium. These guys were used as watch dogs and ratters, but today they can primarily be found as charming companions.

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Quick Facts


Male: 11-13in

Female: 10-12in


Male: 15-18lb

Female: 11-15lb

Fun Fact

Schipperke means “little captain” in Flemish, a Dutch language.

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About this Breed

The Schipperke is a spirited little guy that has been around since the 1600’s. The breed was developed in Belgium where they served as watch dogs on riverboats and as rat hunters, or ratters. These dogs gained quite the popularity boost when Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium brought attention to a particular Schipperke at a Brussels dog show in 1885.This is an independent breed with a lot of energy. Schips are also known to have long life spans, averaging more than 15 years! Today the breed primarily serves as companions and have been bred to be more mellow than their European ancestors. They still have a side for the mischievous, so the owner must be firm and consistent. Deep down these are loving dogs that crave human companionship.

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Common Locations

  1. California, United States
  2. Ohio, United States
  3. Texas, United States
  4. Colorado, United States
  5. Washington, United States
  6. Florida, United States
  7. Wisconsin, United States
  8. Minnesota, United States
  9. British Columbia, Canada
  10. Michigan, United States

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