Thai Ridgeback

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Thai Ridgeback holds the distinction of being one of only three breeds with a ridged back. These unique ridges are caused by a strip of fur that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat. This active, independent breed is an all-purpose dog used for hunting, protecting the home, and even pulling carts. Today, they’re most commonly intelligent and loyal companions.

Fun Fact

Thai Ridgebacks were used to protect people and belongings, but also to keep cobras at bay!

  • About the Thai Ridgeback

    The Thai Ridgeback is a muscular, smooth-coated dog that has been recorded in archaeological documents in Thailand that were penned roughly 360 years ago. This ancient race of doge was originally bred for hunting, but has since been developed into a loyal, protective companion dog. The Thai Ridgeback is so named because the hairs cross at the crest of his back, forming a ridge. Agile and streamlined, with expressive eyes, this hearty breed is immensely intelligent.

    Though they do make excellent family pets when properly trained, these dogs are not for the novice pet owner. These strong hunters maintain much of their prey drive and are independent-minded, so a firm handler is required in order to prevent aggression. However, when properly socialized they are described as loyal, friendly, and interact well with other household pets. Additionally, they do not do well in small spaces. As a breed with high energy, they prefer a place to roam and run in sporadic bursts. If you are a patient, consistent and experienced dog owner, these dogs can be an absolute athletic delight.
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