Tibetan Mastiff

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Tibetan Mastiff is one giant fluff ball. This ancient breed has been guarding and protecting their owners for thousands of years. This intelligent and indepent dog loves to be around the people they care about.

Fun Fact

Recently, owning a Tibetan Mastiff has become a sign of social status in China.

  • About the Tibetan Mastiff

    The Tibetan Mastiff is a massive dog with ancient origins. Little is known about the breed prior to the 19th century, but there is evidence of a mastiff-like breed living in Tibet nearly 5,000 years ago. These dogs made their western debut as gifts to English royalty in 1847. They are known for their loud, deep bark, a feature that made them magnificent guard dogs. Tibetan Mastiffs are known to be loyal dogs, with a natural independent streak. They have a huge, thick double coat that sheds once a year. Weekly brushings are required to maintain its health. Tibetan Mastiffs enjoy daily exercise, but they are not nearly as high energy as other breeds their size. These are intelligent dogs, but their independence requires patient training. Tibetan Mastiffs make wonderful family pets and thrive when with their people.
  • Health Conditions

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