Toy Fox Terrier

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Toy Fox Terriers, like many active and intelligent breeds, can learn to respond to a number of words. Toy Fox Terriers were used commonly in circus shows by clowns, and they are said to make great companions for owners with a good sense of humor

Fun Fact

Toy Fox Terriers are so smart and so trainable that they are often used in the Circus, where they perform truly amazing tricks.

  • About the Toy Fox Terrier

    Toy Fox Terriers are a small breed of Terrier. While they are directly descended from the larger Fox Terrier, they're considered a separate breed. Like most variations of Fox Terriers, Toy Fox Terriers originated in the United Kingdom, first appearing in the mid-1800s. Many of them can trace their heritage back to Smooth Fox Terriers, and some of them can even trace them back to a specific Smooth Fox Terrier named Foiler, the first one ever registered in the United Kennel Club in Britain.

    It is not known why people began breeding Fox Terriers to be smaller. It is possible that people began keeping them as pets and wanted a slightly smaller dog that was more portable. It's also possible that their small size made it easier for them to hunt in underbrush and other tight spaces, like burrows or underground structures. In either case, Toy Fox Terriers are really small and are not suitable for hunting anything other than small rodents.

    Today Toy Fox Terriers are best known as pets. They are small, vivacious, and intelligent little dogs that will make lovely house pets for the right owners. Because they are small and relatively easy to transport, they are a good choice for individuals who live in apartments. It’s important to remember, however, that Toy Fox Terriers are in fact a working breed and do require a decent amount of exercise in order to keep fit and stay happy. They should be taken for long walks every day and given an opportunity to burn off their energy before retiring to the home. They also can do very well in a suburban or rural setting.

    Toy Fox Terriers are not a great choice for families with small children. They are small dogs that are not built to withstand much roughhousing. Also, Terriers are not known for being patient with children. Families with very young children should not acquire Toy Fox Terriers, but they can do very well with older children. Toy Fox Terriers can get along well with cats if they are socialized with them from an early age, but they may look at them as prey. Therefore, proper precautions should be taken when introducing them to felines. In addition, they are not a good choice for families that keep rodents as pets. Toy Fox Terriers can get along well with other canines, but they may have a feisty personality that could make them less than ideal for multi-dog families. Proper socialization and training will greatly improve the chances that Toy Fox Terriers will get along with their fellow canines.

    Toy Fox Terriers are a relatively popular breed both in the United Kingdom and the United States, so finding a breeder will likely not be difficult. They will make lovely additions to families that can provide them with the mental and physical exercise that they need.
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