Embark has done it again! We found cousin pups in our lab, but this story has an extra special angle.

Chinook and Roscoe’s relatedness was only discovered in the Embark lab recently. However, these two pups have another connection besides their birth mom… their foster mom, Kelly! Let’s get to know this furry pair.


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Roscoe was first fostered by Kelly in 2014. She fostered him through the rescue The Chick With Pits, and met him just in time. Roscoe was going to be euthanized due to a URI.

“I got him healthy again and neutered and vaccinated,” she said.

She took care of Roscoe from July of 2015 to February of 2016, when Veronica spotted him on Facebook. She thought the dog was “beautiful” and put in an application right away.

“I felt like I was trying to win a radio contest, to be the right caller,” Veronica told me.

Her eldest daughter had just left for college, so she and her son were looking for another family member.

“It was kind of bittersweet,” Veronica said.

But Roscoe fit the bill pawfectly.

Veronica found out that there was one person in front of her waiting to take Roscoe home. However, that person wasn’t available for a home visit… so Veronica got lucky. The shelter had someone from a rescue close to Veronica’s house do an inspection to ensure her home was suitable for Roscoe. Of course, it was!

So Veronica drove to Waco, Texas to meet the shelter workers and Kelly to make the switch. Kelly was sad to see him go, Veronica said, but Roscoe is very happy in his new home. He’s in Canine Nose Works for scent training and may even compete in the future!

“He’s absolutely perfect,” Veronica told me.

Roscoe is completely trained, doesn’t beg, eats whatever his fur mom gives him, and doesn’t jump or chew! His favorite thing to do is play with his squeaky toys, which stay intact, Veronica says. He also loves to play fetch and to find any toy that Veronica has hidden.



After Kelly found a forever home for Roscoe, she wanted a pup to call her own. So she jumped onto petfinder.com to look for a new furry friend. When she saw Chinook, she couldn’t believe her eyes. He looked just like Roscoe! Little did she know that Chinook and Roscoe would turn out to be related!

Just like Roscoe, Chinook will eat any treat you give him! However, he is not a fan of toys. He’s far too sophisticated. He may find some corner to go nibble on fur, though, Kelly said.

Chinook is very talkative when excited and has a tendency to sleep on his back. He’s a very loving dog that gets excited about almost everything. He gets along well with other dogs and is really good with cats, Kelly explained.

When Kelly got Chinook’s Embark test results back, she was shocked at how similar his were to Roscoe’s. Both pups had the exact same breeds in them, including the German Shepherd dog, Siberian Husky, Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute, and Australian Cattle dog. Kelly couldn’t contain herself when she got the call from Embark! Her suspicions were confirmed, Roscoe and Chinook were in fact related. There is an age difference, Kelly told me, so the pups may be from different litters. However, the news was still exciting! The dogs have similar personalities and love long walks.

The pair hasn’t met yet, but I hear a reunion is in the works. This doggy duo is only 4 hours away from each other in Texas. Stay tuned!

Take a look at Roscoe and Chinook’s Embark results!

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