Lapponian Herder

Lapponian Herder

The Lapponian Herder is set apart from most other herders in that rather than herding sheep or goats, they were bred by the Sami people to herd and protect their reindeer. This Finnish breed is intelligent and well-rounded, capable of being a great member of the family if given a job or activities to engage in.

Illustration courtesy of the American Kennel Club

Quick Facts


Male: 19-21in

Female: 17-19in


Male: 65-80lb

Female: 60-75lb

Fun Fact

These dogs were almost extinct at the end of WWII, but the breed was kept alive by enthusiasts in the late 1950s!

About this Breed

Hailing from Finland and originally used to herd and guard reindeer, the Lapponian Herder is a rare breed developed in the mid-1900s. A medium sized dog with a mid-length coat, they are often black with a light mask and undercoat.

A high-energy herding breed, this willful but loyal pet is best for an experienced dog owner with plenty of time and space for the Lapponian Herder to run and play. Eager to please, competitive and fun, this is a vocal dog that thrives with a job to do. They are quick to learn and social, but wary of strangers and protective of their family. This is a breed that requires vigorous exercise daily, so make sure you strap on your running shoes when playing with this energetic buddy!

Lapponian Herders on Embark

Explore some Embark dogs that share Lapponian Herder ancestry.

  • Scout



Favorite Names

For Males

  1. Hallanevan Hunajaopas
  2. Ripley
  3. Suukkosuun Matkamies

For Females

  1. Cleo
  2. Holly
  3. Iirtu
  4. Laaksossa Tarjan Laulu
  5. Nicci
  6. Scout
  7. Shermstad Dacotah
  8. Shermstad Mika
  9. Shermstad Roo

Common Locations

  1. Oregon, United States
  2. Washington, United States
  3. Finland
  4. Minnesota, United States
  5. California, United States
  6. Connecticut, United States
  7. Friesland, Nederland

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