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QUIZ: Are You a Crazy Dog Person?


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For the love of dogs, we’ve built a quiz to measure how much you love them. If you’ve made it to this quiz, chances are you’re a dog person and you know it! But how strong is your affection for doggos? Is your dog obsession at the level of running your own pup Instagram account? Or are you a modest pooch enthusiast around your friends? The crazier a dog person you are, the better! Believe us when we say that we are all crazy dog people here at Embark!

This quiz will calculate how much of a dog person you are through a series of questions. There are no right or wrong answers! Additionally, there is no degree of dog enthusiasm that is unacceptable; we appreciate dog lovers of all levels!

Click the button below to get started! Let us know what you get on the quiz by sharing your results on social media. Tell your friends to play and share the puppy love!

QUIZ: Are You a Crazy Dog Person?

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