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Adam Boyko, PhD

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Should I breed a dog tested as a carrier or at-risk?


Learn how to factor genetic health results into breeding decisions in this introductory video with Dr. Adam Boyko. How should I factor my dog’s health results into my breeding decisions? Many breeders receive their dog’s Embark results and discover that their dog is a carrier or at-risk for a genetic health condition. This prompts a...

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Embark CSO Explains Genetic Diversity


Genetic diversity refers to the total number of genetic characteristics in the genetic makeup of a certain species. Embark Co-founder and Chief Science Officer Adam Boyko explains genetic diversity and how it affects dogs in the following video. Boyko has traveled to every inhabitable continent to study dogs and is a professor at Cornell University...

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Oedipus Rex: Dog Inbreeding, its Consequences, and its Quantification


For millenia, dog breeders have intentionally mated relatives as a way to fix traits in a lineage, recognizing that there is a reduction of fitness in offspring of close relatives. However, this certainly wasn’t always intentional as one can see from this post on the Hapsburg lip. A century ago, Sewall Wright devised the coefficient...

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Why I Founded Embark


I founded Embark because I love dogs and science. My earliest experiences as a biologist came in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Panama studying all different sorts of tropical biodiversity, and also getting friendly with the free-ranging dogs wandering around the nearby towns (my family even adopted a dog in Panama when we lived...

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