Andrea Slavney, PhD


Andrea Slavney, PhD

Andrea Slavney, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist at Embark, where she drives insights from complex biological datasets. She has been involved in making several discoveries at Embark, including mapping genetic loci underlying blue eyes, red pigment intensity, and the roan coat pattern.

Prior to working at Embark, Dr. Slavney received her BS in Genetics and Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and her PhD in Genetics, Genomics, & Development from Cornell University. Her doctoral work focused on the evolution of gene expression on the mammalian X chromosome, and the role of the X chromosome in disease.

Of all the species she’s worked with, dogs are definitely her favorite.

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red pigment intensity test
Coat Genetics

Red Pigment Intensity Test Added to Embark for Breeders Kit


Embark offers the coat color trait test for red pigment intensity. Red pigment intensity is the concentration of red pigment (pheomelanin) in a dog’s hair, which produces colors ranging from light cream (like a West Highland Terrier) to deep red (like an Irish Setter). About the Red Pigment Intensity Test Intensity is not controlled by...

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What is the A Locus
Coat Genetics

What is the A locus?


The “A locus” is the name for the DNA sequence that makes up the agouti-signaling protein (ASIP) gene, which is located on chromosome 24 in the dog genome. This gene contains instructions to make a protein (ASIP) that acts as a molecular switch: when ASIP is present, it tells hair cells to produce the red/yellow...

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