Casey Ehrlich


Casey Ehrlich


Casey Ehrlich is a Research Associate at Embark Veterinary, where she facilitates scientific discovery by designing and executing research initiatives. From cancer to aging, she has played a role in launching surveys that allow pet parents and breeders to take part in helping dogs everywhere.

After studying Biology as an undergraduate and getting involved in research ranging from shark tagging to medical illustration, she attended Syracuse University where she earned an M.S. in Biomedical Forensic Science. Her training in DNA analysis and pathology has served her well at Embark, and she loves working for a company that has her learning something new every day.

In her spare time, Casey is an avid reader, photographer, and likes bringing her dog Maisie for sniffs around Boston.

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How Dog DNA Testing Works

Genetic Inheritance and Recombination


Why do littermates look different from each other? How is breed ancestry inherited? Learn more in this introductory video on genetic inheritance with Embark cofounder Adam Boyko, PhD. What is genetic inheritance? How does genetic recombination work? Why do human siblings not look exactly alike? Why do canine littermates often look different from each other?...

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How a Dog Gets Their Spots


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Breed Surprise

All Splotch, No Catahoula


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