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How Dog DNA Testing Works

Ins and Outs of Microarray-Based Dog DNA Testing


Hi everyone! Erin, Embark’s Senior Veterinary Geneticist, here. As more people have been choosing Embark for their genetic testing needs, I’ve been receiving quite a few questions about our technology — what is “DNA microarray technology?” “Is it proprietary?” “How do you know it’s accurate?” “How is it different from the single mutation tests that...

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How Dog DNA Testing Works

Genetic Weight: Informed by Science, and You


Greetings, Embarkers! I want to spend a bit of time discussing one of our features: genetic weight. We get a lot of questions about this: How do we arrive at your dog’s individual results? How come we get it wrong sometimes? Read on to learn more. The reason dogs rule (from a genomicist’s point of...

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How Veterinarians Estimate Dog Age


We understand why it’s important for you to know how old your dog is. You want to be prepared and give them the appropriate care for their life stage, anticipate any age-related health conditions, and give them the best life possible. Knowing your dog’s age can inform many of the choices you make about their...

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