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How to Tell the Age of a Puppy Using Their Teeth


Say cheese! Let’s discuss how to tell the age of a puppy based on their teeth. We’ll explain how veterinarians determine dog age using a teeth chart, how your puppy’s teeth can help you estimate their age, and how the science of DNA methylation offers a new way to estimate a dog’s age with remarkable...

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Bonding With Your Dog

10 Tricks for Taking the Best Photos of your Dog


In this day and age it’s all about social media. Snapping the perfect shot and sharing it with your friends seems trivial but can be oh-so fun. Especially when you have a furry best friend to model in all of your pictures! A photo opportunity can quickly turn sour without attention to detail. With these...

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Bonding With Your Dog

Tips for Running With Your Dog


Running with your dog is a great way to exercise together. Running reportedly gives dogs many of the same physical and mental benefits as it does humans, The Washington Post reports. Not only does it keep dogs in shape, but it also may also deliver the same “runner’s high” that people experience after a long...

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Dog Nutrition

Insight into the Best Dog Food for Allergies


If you are looking for a treatment option for your dog’s allergies, you have come to the right place! A first step may be to check out the best dog food for allergies. Additionally, we have listed some home remedies for allergies and some types of allergy medicine for dogs if you are looking for...

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Bonding With Your Dog

6 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog This Summer


It’s the beginning of summer, and one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is with your dog. Imagine the joy of watching your four-legged friend prance through the park or gallop across the beach. Sounds pretty nice, right? Here are six fun activities to do with your dog this summer. 1. Frozen...

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Resources & Insights

Understanding Pet Loss and How to Help


No one wants to lose a pet, but inevitably, every fur parent does. I recently lost mine, an adorable and sweet cat named Olivia, and quickly realized that I was dealing with two problems: how to handle the loss of my best friend and figuring out how to justify why I was so sad to...

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How Dog DNA Testing Works

Why Human & Dog Siblings Have Different DNA


My Italian grandmother and her brother recently tested their DNA with the same company and got very different results. Since I work for a startup that makes dog DNA tests, they turned to me for answers. “One of us is not from the milkman, Ashley, how did this happen?” my Nona asked. “How can it...

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How 1 Dog Project is Saving the Mongolian Grassland Steppes


The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project (MBDP) is a nonprofit organization with a mission of slowing down and reversing the “desertification of the Mongolian Grassland Steppes.” According to the project’s website, they plan to achieve that goal by resurrecting the traditional use of the livestock guardian dog known as the Bankhar. Saving the Steppes Director Bruce...

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Customer Stories

Dog Saves Woman’s Life After She Recovers from Horrific Home Invasion


Angela May Weaver and Outlaw were meant to be paired together. Angela may have adopted Outlaw, but she says he’s the one who ultimately saved her life. The tragic story that brought them together Angela adopted Outlaw shortly after she was involved in a home invasion in Salton City, California in May of 2016. Three...

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Famous Dogs

Embark Tests Multi-Talented Celebrity Dogs


Embark customer Trudy Wisner breeds Bearded Collies with a hunger for the spotlight. She has her very own family of dogs, including an 11-year-old Bearded Collie named Poppet who was the runner-up in the agility competition at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. But her pack’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there. Trudy has seven...

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Customer Stories

Pup Finds Forever Home With Sibling After Being Shot


Meet Tony and Cleo. These pups have also been known as Jack and Jill or Bonnie and Clyde. Their story has many twists and bumps in the road that brought them to their forever home. The pups were found together in Texas during the summer of 2017 and taken to a facility in Odessa. Known...

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Customer Stories

Embark Discovers Sibling Pups After Owners Submit Dog DNA Tests


Here at Embark, we take pride in our dog DNA tests and what they can do for pups and their owners. We provide insights on breed, ancestry, traits, genetic health risks. But sometimes we find something extra special, like dogs who are family. Meet sibling dogs Artie and Bo. These pups have a coefficient relationship (COR)...

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