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Training & Behavior

Why Do Dogs Eat Weird Things?


Has your dog ever eaten something they shouldn’t have?  You’re certainly not alone! Although some of the things dogs eat are surprising to us, often they are instinctively appealing to them. Some of these “weird” things are not usually problematic for your dog to consume in small quantities (grass is a good example). Others can...

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How to Potty Train Your Puppy


Mastering potty training can be the thing new puppy owners find most challenging outside of basic puppy training. Cleaning up puddles of urine or smelly poop around the home isn’t something anyone wants to deal with—but it comes with the territory when you bring home a new puppy. Potty training your puppy, however, doesn’t have...

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Training & Behavior

Why Does My Dog Shake?


Trembling or shaking can be a telltale sign your dog is feeling particularly cold or fearful, but it can also be an indicator that they are sick or in pain. Understanding some of the common behavioral, medical, and genetic reasons for shaking in dogs can help you better evaluate if there is a cause for...

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Dog Decoded

Avalanche Rescue Dogs


The work of a trained avalanche rescue dog in winter backcountry and ski resort rescue missions can be life-saving. For the dogs, though, it’s all about it being a fun and rewarding experience. Wondering why dogs have been trained to be involved in avalanche search and rescue work? It’s all about their noses. Their sense...

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