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Kari Cueva, DVM

Kari Cueva, DVM

Dr. Kari Cueva, DVM, is the Senior Manager of Veterinary Genetics at Embark. She started with Embark in 2019 and her primary role is to expand our health testing capabilities. She is a 2011 graduate of the University of California, Davis College of Veterinary Medicine. Her research background includes four years in canine genetics with Dr. Mark Neff, and genetics fellowships at Cornell University and the National Institutes of Health. She continues to practice emergency medicine at a local animal hospital. Dr. Cueva enjoys spending time with her two kids, hiking with her German Shorthaired Pointer, and fixing up her house.

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Close-up of veterinarian in white coat holding small black and brown dog

How Veterinarians Can Interpret and Communicate Genetic Health Results


Clinical genetics is a rapidly evolving field. Genetic screening has already shown valuable clinical utility, complementing existing best practices and strengthening the doctor–client–patient bond. The way veterinarians interpret and communicate these results, however, can involve additional considerations for both the clinician and the client.  As we learn more about how genetic variants relate to health...

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