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A brown-and-white mixed breed dog looks up, sitting next to a blue Embark Dog DNA Test kit.
Choosing a Dog DNA Test

Embark vs Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Tests


When comparing dog DNA tests, we know the choice can be overwhelming. Here, we explore some of the differences between Embark vs Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests, and explain why Embark is the best choice for your dog. Jump to: Why Embark? | For dog owners | For breeders |  For veterinarians   Embark vs...

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A black and tan mixed-breed dog carries a yellow tennis ball in their mouth while running through a house with wood floors and white furniture.
Customer Stories

How Dog DNA Testing Helps Willie Nelson Prevent Kidney Stones


When Julana and her husband adopted Willie Nelson, they suspected he was 100% German Shepherd Dog, due to his black and tan coat pattern. But as he got older, they noticed that his size was smaller than they expected for a German Shepherd. They decided to use an Embark dog DNA test to find out...

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A brown-and-white mixed-breed dog smiling while laying down in the grass.
Breed Surprise

Top 10 Most Common Breeds in Embark-Tested Dogs


Can you guess the top 10 most common breeds in mixed-breed dogs? If you’ve tested your dog with Embark, you may know that breed ancestry doesn’t always dictate appearance, leading to some surprises. We often receive questions from customers about the breeds in their dog’s genetic ancestry—especially the unexpected ones.  We analyzed genetic data from...

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A white dog wearing a red harness looks off camera as the sun is setting behind trees in the background.
Published Research

Complex Disease and Phenotype Mapping in Dogs


Dogs aren’t only humankind’s best friend; they’re also a valuable model species for medical genetics research.  Led by Adam Boyko, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Embark, a team of researchers from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, China Agricultural University, and La Sierra University conducted a genetic study of over 4,200 dogs....

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A litter of five Golden Retriever puppies sitting on a bench.
Published Research

Inbreeding Depression and Reduced Fecundity in Golden Retrievers


Known for their sunny coat and disposition, Golden Retrievers are widely recognized as one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers are also overrepresented for certain diseases, with more documented mortalities due to cancer than nearly any other breed (Kent et al. 2018; Dobson 2013).  The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study by...

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A veterinarian examines a senior dog's teeth at a vet clinic.

10 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian About Senior Dog Care


We know it’s never easy to think about your dog getting older. You might have recently learned that your dog is older than you thought. Perhaps you adopted a senior dog, and you’re wondering what type of senior dog care is appropriate for them. Whatever the case may be, having an accurate idea of your dog’s age...

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Black and brown short-coated dogs on brown sand next to water.
Published Research

Dogs May Have Originated in Central Asia


Though it is well accepted that dogs were the first domesticated animals, the question of where dogs came from is still a heated debate among scientists.  Over the past decade, various studies pointed to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia as the likely origin for dogs, depending on what samples the researchers had and...

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A person holds the Embark Dog Age Test and a mobile phone showing the Age Test results against a purple background.

The Science Behind the Embark Dog Age Test


The Embark Age Test uses a dog’s DNA to estimate their calendar age. Specifically, it uses a type of epigenetic marker called DNA methylation. There are several physical clues that veterinarians use to estimate dog age, including body shape and lens clarity. Teeth can also indicate a dog’s age, although not all dogs follow the...

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Four Siberian Huskies with blue and brown eyes pulling a sled in a snowy landscape.

Alaskan Sled Dogs: Genetics of Canine Athletes


When we think of Alaskan sled dogs, breeds like the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, or even the Samoyed usually come to mind. These are the types of dogs popularized by movies like Snow Dogs, White Fang, Balto, and Togo. But according to Dr. Heather Huson, many other types of dogs can be modern sled dogs,...

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The Shared History of Dogs and Humans


Greger Larson, PhD from the University of Oxford joined Embark at the second annual Canine Health Summit to talk about the shared history of dogs and humans. For many of us, dogs are not just pets; they are family members. The science behind why we love our dogs is extensive, and researchers are constantly uncovering...

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Woman in park holding her dog, looking at the dog's face, and smiling.

How to Care for Your Dog at Every Life Stage


There are several ways veterinarians estimate dog age and puppy age. Knowing a dog’s life stage can help inform what kind of lifestyle and preventive care plan are right for them.  As dogs age, their social, behavioral, and health needs change. Read on to learn more about the different dog life stages and find tips...

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Map of the United States showing hotspots for dog care with images of dogs sitting on top of the map.

The State of Dog Care


At Embark, our scientists are working hard to improve dog health, with the help of our customers through community science. Embark conducted a study of over 190,000 Embark customers, plus 1,977 additional pet owners in all 50 states, to find out where pet owners are going the extra mile to care for their dogs in...

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