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7 Ways to Celebrate Pride with Your Dog


May was National Pet Month and now Pride month is here! For many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community, our dogs are very important members of our chosen families. Dogs (especially in the last year) are our constant companions, and our biggest allies and supporters. Regardless of what the rest of the world might think...

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6 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month


Do you celebrate National Pet Month? If you started an intentional new year with your dog, you already know the kind of life you want to live this year. Sharing your life with dogs is a lot of fun but there are a million things to get done on top of doggy time and expenses....

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Learn Dog Love Languages In Action


This week we’ve been looking at the fun idea of dog love languages and how they correspond to different breed groups. Obviously, this is just for fun, but the idea behind it is the same as with people. Just like you and I have a love language, a way that cues to us that we are...

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Dog Love Languages

Dog Love Languages


Have you ever wondered if your dog really knows how much you love them?  Most of us are familiar with the idea of there being five love languages:  affirmations, service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch. The idea of love languages was first proposed by Dr. Gary Chapman and the idea has since become part...

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An Intentional New Year With Your Dog


As we enter into a new year, this is the perfect opportunity to rethink your relationship with your dog and the things that you do together. Our dogs are our constant companions, something that many people have experienced even more of over the last year. Whether you have a new pandemic puppy or if your...

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