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5 Tips to Keep your Dog’s Diet Healthy


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Looking for new ways to keep your dog healthy? It doesn’t take a specialized dog nutritionist to keep your dog fit. Some simple knowledge about what diet is good for your dog and where to find it is enough to keep Fido bouncing with energy! We’ve put together a list of five simple things you can do to best care for your dog’s health.

Know your Dog’s Needs

How well do you know your dog? Do you know what your dog’s ideal diet looks like? If your answer is no, then you should talk to your vet right away. The two of you can work together to choose the best foods and meal times for your pup.  

Portion Control

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how much to feed your dog – I mean they’re always happy to eat, right? Many dog food brands give estimates for portion control that are based on intact male dogs. However, the amount that each dog should eat depends on many factors including age, breed, size, and activity level. Check out Ollie! It is a new breed of dog food that uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what amount of food is right for your pup. You can also calculate your dog’s RER online or use a fitness tracker to see how many calories your dog is burning and adjust their portion size accordingly.

Benefits of Human Food

There are many human foods that are healthy when incorporated into a dog’s diet. The ASPCA explains that fresh foods are full of live enzymes and fiber which aid in digestion. It takes a little extra research to discover which fruits and veggies are safe for your specific dog. Some pups just won’t do well with some human foods, just like some don’t do well on certain dog foods. If a dog isn’t reacting well to a certain food, then stop giving it to him or her. For a full list of people foods that are unsafe for dogs, visit the ASPCA.

Read the Labels

It’s important to read your dog food labels to make sure you know what you are purchasing and to ensure that your choice is based on your dog’s caloric needs. Try to avoid preservatives that often include chemicals, which are not beneficial to your dog’s health. Keep in mind that some preservatives are thought to be safe. Take a look at the AAFCO standards for pet foods for more detailed information.

Watch out for Treats

It’s easy to spoil our dogs with treats – they’re just so cute and lovable! Treats can quickly become the main source of your dog’s weight issues. If you are looking to rethink your treat options, the ASPCA suggests introducing new types of healthy treats such as plain popcorn!

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