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The Komondor (in Hungarian, the plural form of komondor is komondorok), also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat.

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Quick Facts


Male: 28-30in

Female: 25-27in


Male: 110-132lb

Female: 88-110lb

Fun Fact

The plural of komondor is komondorok

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About this Breed

The Komondor may look like a mop on four legs, but beneath all that hair, there’s a big dog with a big personality. Originally bred to guard livestock the Komondor is intelligent, independent, and highly protective. In fact, they enjoy nothing more than watching over their family.

This dog comes with responsibilities. You need to be a confident leader to win the respect of your Komondor. The meek, and the inexperienced dog owner, need not apply. You’ll have to socialize your Komondor well — exposing them to lots of different people, situations, and other animals — from an early age so they know how to behave around them. And you’ll have to take pains to introduce your Komondor to people who are permitted in your home. Once a Komondor accepts the newcomer, they’ll always remember them and treat them as a member of their flock, one more person to watch over.

You’ll also need to be careful around other dogs. Komondorok can be aggressive toward dogs they don’t know, and some aren’t capable of sharing a home with another canine, no matter how hard you to try to make everyone get along. However, they may have excellent relations with cats and livestock.

The Komondor’s coat care an easy proposition. Their trademark cords don’t need brushing, but they must be kept free of parasites and dirt. And if it gets damp, the Komondor’s coat can develop an unpleasant mildew odor.

True to their working dog heritage, the Komondor is a smart cookie who learns quickly with the right trainer. With repetitive training techniques, they get bored. The Komondor will ignore commands that seem unnecessary, so pick your battles.

The Komondor comes with lots of benefits in addition to the responsibilities. This loyal breed will happily spend their days under or on your feet, serving as companion, friend, and guardian.

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Common Locations

  1. Indiana, United States
  2. Kentucky, United States
  3. Hungary
  4. Oklahoma, United States
  5. Tennessee, United States
  6. Missouri, United States
  7. British Columbia, Canada
  8. California, United States
  9. Kansas, United States
  10. New Jersey, United States

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