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Best Friend Workouts


Want to stay in shape with your doggo? Keeping up with a workout routine can be difficult and the company of your best friend can make it much more do-able. Who knows? You and your four-legged companion might even have fun while breaking a sweat! We give you workouts that both you and your furry friend will enjoy! 

Run with your pup

Feeling energetic? Going on runs with your doggo is a great way to tire out both you and your pup. Not only will you and your four-legged friend be looking toned as ever, going on runs will serve as an amazing bonding experience. Be sure to give your pupper praise during all that panting!


Visit a park

When trying to get in shape with your pup, there’s no better place to be than a park. The number of exercise opportunities in grassy fields are endless, and they serve to be the perfect bonding space for you and your doggo. Soccer, fetch, and tug-of-war are just a few of the activities that will have you and your doggo breaking a sweat.

Climb stairs

Who doesn’t get a little winded when trekking up a flight or two? Climbing stairs with your pup is a workout that requires no planning or equipment. All you need is a flight of stairs, your running shoes, and the support of your furry friend. 

Water sports

Does your pupper love to splash around in the water? Swimming provides an intense (and fun) workout that cools you off while you break a sweat. There are also workouts that you and your furry friend can do besides swimming. Between stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, a day spent on the water will guarantee some panting from both you and your pup.


Wall sits

If you’re looking for toning tips that your pupper can participate in, search no further. Have your pup sit in front of you. Standing with your back pressed against a wall and your feet resting shoulder-length apart, lower yourself and walk your feet out. Now for the pawesome part: for extra resistance, place their paws on your knees. This is a great way to work on your fitness, while also spending time with your pup, according to PetMD

Hide and seek squat

Take a normal squat, but make it fun! There’s a way to make this daunting exercise enjoyable, thanks to a workout designed by Shape. Have your pup stand in front of you and face them with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. With your furry friend’s favorite toy in your hand, squat and pass the toy under your leg to your other hand. Have your pup try to find the toy (maybe give it a little squeak) and then stand back up. Repeat this to get a fun workout in for you and your doggo. 


Getting a workout in with your best friend can be as easy as riding a bike — literally! Having your pup run alongside your bike can be a great option for those furry friends that are avid runners. For those couch-potato pups that prefer something that requires a little less effort, bicycle baskets can be an awesome way to include your doggo in your workout. 



Rollerblading is great exercise and can be a fun adventure for best friends.  The company of your furry friend can have you forgetting that you’re even breaking a sweat! The positive and enthusiastic energy from our doggos can even rub off on you, according to So if that’s the case, bring on the blades!

Every workout needs a killer playlist. Do you know what your pup’s anthem is? Take this quiz to find out!

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