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Cocoa Trait Test Now Added to Embark for Breeders Product
Coat Genetics

Cocoa Trait Test Added to Embark for Breeders Product


Published: January 13, 2020 We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new trait test to the Embark for Breeders product, testing for a variant in the HPS3 gene that causes a coat color referred to as “cocoa.” What Does Cocoa Look Like Phenotypically? This variant causes dogs that would otherwise produce black pigment to...

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Breeder Tools

Enhanced My Embark for Breeders Page Highlights Breeder Tools


  When breeders log in to their account today they will experience the new look and enhanced functionality of their My Embark for Breeders page. Breeder tools, including available Matchmaker breeds, will now be front and center as well as new search functions that will make finding dogs easier, especially for those with multiple...

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Matchmaker: A Tool for Breeders
Breeder Tools

Matchmaker For Breeders: An Easier Way to Evaluate Potential Mates


You’ve Embark-tested your dog and received the most informative DNA results available. Now, how do you use those results to help find potential mates to complement your breeding goals? Enter Matchmaker, Embark’s advanced, custom breeding tool that makes it easy to assess inherited disease mutations in potential mates and view predicted average litter COI. In response to overwhelmingly positive...

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Genetic Health Education

Not breeding your purebred? Why a dog DNA test still matters


Purebred dog owners often ask, why should I Embark-test a dog I’m not planning to breed? The answers may surprise you. Not only can an Embark test provide you with important genetic health information that could help prevent emergencies, manage disease, and save you money on long-term veterinary bills; but your dog could hold the...

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Planning ahead graphic
Genetic Health Education

Planning Ahead for DNA Health Testing


  Sometimes planning for litters just before or during the holiday season happens depending on when your dam decides to go into season. Savvy breeders, especially those who like to plan ahead, take advantage of setting up a health testing timeline to keep breeding goals on track by buying Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Kits...

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Genetic Health Education

Breeding for the future: Why genome-wide diversity matters


Many dog breeders have reached out to us to ask “What makes Embark’s test better for maintaining diversity and lowering disease risk in my breed?” Specifically, they are often interested in how Embark compares to other diversity management products that use a very small number of genetic markers to make breeding recommendations. In short, you...

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DNA Health Summary Report
Breeder Tools

DNA Health Summary Report for Breeders


Embark now offers a handy DNA Health Summary report which highlights a dog’s breed-specific genetic health condition results in a one-page, downloadable PDF. The DNA Health Summary is available for dogs tested with any Embark DNA Kit. This new tool for breeders is an easy-to-read, snapshot report showing the risk of developing breed-specific conditions. It...

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Labrador Retriever puppies with their parents
Breeder Tools

My Embark for Breeders Pair Predictor Launches


Knowing which breeding pairs will produce the genetically healthiest puppies just got a whole lot easier with Pair Predictor. This new tool, located in the breeder tools section of your My Embark for Breeders account, takes the guesswork out of assessing potential matings, and the predicted litter outcomes. Pair Predictor for health conditions will work...

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For Breeders

Dog DNA testing is an important part of a responsible breeding program when it comes to genetic health, traits, and the coefficient of inbreeding (COI). Embark offers educational content about genetic conditions by breed, the science behind DNA testing, and product updates to help breeders navigate all the information they need.

At Embark for Breeders, we know how important it is to have accurate science behind the DNA test you use to plan the next generation. Our scientists are making genetic discoveries to help reduce inherited genetic diseases and to increase the longevity of your dogs and puppies.