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Tested by Embark Logos for Breeders


Tested by Embark Logos for Breeders

You’ve tested and verified your dog’s genetic health with Embark for Breeders’ DNA testing: now set them apart with new “Tested by Embark” logos.

Health testing for genetic risk factors and managing diversity are two of the many important steps breeders take to manage and improve the overall health and vitality of their breeding programs. Despite this commitment to best practices, in a recent survey a majority of breeders indicated that it was difficult to highlight their use of DNA testing to prospective puppy buyers and fellow breeders.

To address this need, Embark is pleased to announce a new set of logos for breeders to quickly and easily communicate their use of Embark’s leading genetic health testing program.

Introducing Tested by Embark Logos for Breeders

The below “Tested by Embark” logos are designed for breeders to quickly and easily inform prospective puppy buyers and other breeders that specific dogs in their program have been tested and that results are available and verifiable by Embark.The logos can be used on your website, social media, and elsewhere to help strengthen the credibility and reputation of your breeding programs. Many breeders will use these logos to link to their dogs’ Embark test results, or to reference Embark’s transparent testing methodology and highly accurate results.

Tested by Embark Logos for Breeders

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Tested by Embark Logo for Breeders - Black

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Additional Details

Embark’s comprehensive Breeder Kit includes a full panel of breed-relevant health conditions, coat and traits testing, genetic Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) and other diversity scores. While this information is commonly submitted to the OFA, CHIC, AKC, UK Kennel Club, and many others, for record keeping and registration purposes, many breeders find it difficult to quickly highlight how they use genetic health testing and to link directly to their dogs’ test results via email, social media, and websites.

Please note that these logos do not represent an endorsement of any breeder, breeding decisions, or breeding outcome, and no statements should be made that Embark recommends a breeding program or individual dogs. Breeders may use these logos to highlight that specific dogs have received Embark DNA test results, and that Embark DNA testing is a component of their breeding program.

Opportunity to be featured on the Embark for Breeders Facebook Page

We’d love to see how these logos help you communicate your commitment to genetic health! Please send us screenshots of your websites, facebook posts, or any other mediums where you’re using the logos and we’ll select the best entries to highlight on our Facebook page.

Send entries to and include your Facebook handle so we can tag you in the post.

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