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Genetic Health Education

Breeding for the future: Why genome-wide diversity matters


Many dog breeders have reached out to us to ask “What makes Embark’s test better for maintaining diversity and lowering disease risk in my breed?” Specifically, they are often interested in how Embark compares to other diversity management products that use a very small number of genetic markers to make breeding recommendations. In short, you...

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For Breeders

Dog DNA testing is an important part of a responsible breeding program when it comes to genetic health, traits, and the coefficient of inbreeding (COI). Embark offers educational content about genetic conditions by breed, the science behind DNA testing, and product updates to help breeders navigate all the information they need.

At Embark for Breeders, we know how important it is to have accurate science behind the DNA test you use to plan the next generation. Our scientists are making genetic discoveries to help reduce inherited genetic diseases and to increase the longevity of your dogs and puppies.

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