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Customer Stories

Bentley’s Breed Reveal


Watch this Embarker’s Breed Reveal video!,q_auto/v1/ “I had a great Embark experience! It was so easy to take and submit the swab. I was surprised that he had American Bulldog in his DNA. Also, it was so fun to see all the other dogs that are Bentley’s close relatives!” @bentley_the_cattledogmix Embarker Check out Bentley’s...

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Embark Dogsgiving dog with dinner bowl in its mouth, autumn leaves in the background.

Happy Dogsgiving


Our pups give us so much to be thankful for, so we’re dedicating this slice of November to them. Learn some tips, try a recipe, and turn up the love for #Dogsgiving! Explore: Etiquette   Recipes   Social Teach your dog dining etiquette Whether they’re eating their own food or eyeing yours, it’s important for...

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dog holding halloween bucket

Wagoween: Conquering Common Dog Fears


The pandemic has been scary enough already, so this year we’re replacing the fear with cheer and celebrating Wagoween! We partnered with professional dog trainer, Erika Gonzalez, over at From Dusk Till Dog to give pet parents tips on conquering common dog fears. Does your dog run from the vacuum? Does your pup hide during...

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National Dog Day

Four Fantastic Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


Calling all canine companions! National Dog Day is an all-around celebration of dogs. It’s a way to thank our canines for all of the ways they improve our lives, share this appreciation with other dog-loving people, and raise awareness about all of the adoptable dogs currently waiting in a shelter for some loving soul to...

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Four dogs standing in a row on a green lawn.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


Happy National Dog Day! This is one of our favorite days of the year at Embark, and we couldn’t let it pass without a celebration. Here are our top five ways to celebrate National Dog Day. 1. Go on an outing with your dog Take advantage of the holiday by dedicating the day to your...

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direwolves game of thrones
Famous Dogs

2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Dire Wolves Take Embark DNA Test


When Will Mulhall brought his two 7-week-old pups home several years ago, he had no idea they would become celebrities and garner a fan base bigger than some of their human colleagues. “I just got them to take walks on the beach and the forest near our house,” Will said. That house, where Will lives...

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Dog Decoded Blog Header
Dog Decoded

Dog Decoded: The Shaggy Poodle Mix


Do you know what your dog is? The truth is, most people don’t! Just looking at your dog won’t tell you their genetic make-up. DNA can be tricky. Every day, we get messages from pet parents who were shocked to discover what their dog’s breed mix really was. So we’re highlighting one of those surprising breed...

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Map of the United States showing hotspots for dog care with images of dogs sitting on top of the map.

The State of Dog Care


At Embark, our scientists are working hard to improve dog health, with the help of our customers through community science. Embark conducted a study of over 190,000 Embark customers, plus 1,977 additional pet owners in all 50 states, to find out where pet owners are going the extra mile to care for their dogs in...

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Blog Header with pics of puppy Delilah
Dog Decoded

Delilah’s Breed Reveal


This adorable cookies and cream puppy mystery sparked many guesses across our social media. The guesses were as mixed as Delilah’s coat and now the wait is over!  Embark Breed ID Results Another puppy mystery solved. Delilah’s dominant breed is 38.9% American Pit Bull Terrier followed by 17.3% Pomeranian, 16.2% Australian Cattle Dog and 10.5%...

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Embark's All dogs are good dogs contest

What’s Your Dog’s Holiday Routine?


The holidays feel like they were tailor-made for dogs: lots of interesting new smells around the house, new friends coming to visit, and all the delicious food you can drool over. We surveyed over 70,000 dogs to get an idea of how they might act during holiday get togethers and to see if their breed...

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emotional support dog with person

What is an Emotional Support Dog?


Update: As of 5.21.20, we have edited this post based on feedback received from members of the service animal community. We have made the following edits to clearly convey what an emotional support animal is (and is not) and how they differ from a service animal: Any mention of “registration” has been removed to clarify...

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The Best Parts: Dog Mom Edition


Mother’s Day may be over for the year, but it’s the perfect time to celebrate Dog Mom’s Day! The bond between a woman and her best fur-iend is so special — from speaking a dog’s love languages to holding your new puppy for the first time. So let’s take a moment to celebrate all the...

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At Embark, the insights into our canine companions start with genetics, but they don’t end there. We stay on top of the latest news in science, dog health, and more.

Embark with us as we decode dogs, both famous and close to home. Hear stories from our customers, watch the family reunions made possible by our canine Relative Finder, and access Embark contests and quizzes. We also explore how dogs have influenced human history, science, and holiday celebrations.