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Two dogs laying next to each other on a couch
Customer Stories

Embark Test Reveals Diego and Companion Dixie Are Siblings


What would you do if you found out your beloved pup would eventually become blind? When Jane Flanders Salazar did an Embark dog DNA test for her dog Diego, she learned that he had two copies of a genetic variant that meant he would eventually lose his eyesight. As reported in Newsweek, Jane rescued a...

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holiday special

QUIZ: Which Famous Christmas Movie Dog Are You?


The weeks before Christmas are a perfect time to begin watching all your favorite holiday movies with your family and friends. No matter where you celebrate the holiday season, it’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit old favorites while visiting with parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents. Even if we happen to discover a new holiday movie,...

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2021 year in review with dog wearing 2021 glasses against black background

2021 Year in Review: Discoveries in Dog Science


2021 was a great year for dog lovers and dog scientists alike. In our 2021 year in review, we dive into some of the big moments that happened in dog genetics this year.  Scientists made lots of discoveries about dog DNA, like the first Basenji dog genome, how puppies are wired to respond to humans,...

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pup in stocking

Make the Most of the Season With Your Pup


We believe the holidays are even more enjoyable when you share them with the furriest member of the family. That’s why we created a holiday guide that includes tips on making the most of this season with your pup! We’ve included gift ideas, safety tips, treat recommendations, and more. Activities Homemade Paw Ornaments Try these...

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Customer Stories

“Mason Mason” Rescues His Rescue Family


It’s not a typo—Mason Mason is an adventurous dog who has trekked across 100+ miles of nature trails. Camping, kayaking, backpacking in the snow… he’s done it all. Even more importantly, this all-weather rescue pup brought love and healing to the Mason family during a time of need. Why did you Embark Mason? Mason is...

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Man petting a dog near dock with lake in the background

10 Ways to Help Dogs in Need


Adoption and fostering are great ways to help dogs in need of forever homes. But there are many other ways to give back, even if you can’t adopt a pet right now. Here are 10 ways to spread the love and help dogs in need this holiday season—or any time of year. 1. Donate to...

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A group of three Bernese Mountain Dogs at the National Dog Show

Embark at the National Dog Show


The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show is a beloved tradition for many families across America. About 25 million people tuned in this year. Children and their parents, Americans cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and families waiting for football to start all tune in to watch the National Dog Show together on Thanksgiving Day. This year,...

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Dog Decoded showing Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Dog Decoded

Decoding Clifford, the Big Red Dog


Almost everyone knows Clifford, the Big Red Dog. He’s the huge, lovable pup from children’s literature and the star of a new movie. If we ran an Embark DNA test on Clifford, what would we find? A gene that gives him his red coat? Maybe a new mutation that causes supersized dogs? Of course, Clifford...

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6 Best Last-Minute Gifts for Dog Lovers


It happens to everyone — you thought you were done gift shopping, and then you realize you need something for the dog lover on your list. And you need it now.  There’s no shortage of wonderful gifts out there for dog people, but most require you to go shopping or wait for shipping. Fortunately, thanks...

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The Dogs on the Mayflower


The Pilgrims weren’t the only ones who arrived at Plymouth in 1620. They brought dogs on the Mayflower with them. These Pilgrim pups might have been present at the first Thanksgiving. How do we know there were dogs on the Mayflower? Thanks to journals the Pilgrims kept, we know that there were at least two...

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Beagle dog wearing red Santa hat next to a red Christmas stocking on a brown wood background

The Best Dog Stocking Stuffers


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Embark may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. All linked products have been reviewed by a veterinarian. According to a survey in 2020, nearly 70% of dog owners say their dog has a Christmas stocking. If you’re one of them, you know you’ll...

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dog holding halloween bucket

Wagoween: Conquering Common Dog Fears


The pandemic has been scary enough already, so this year we’re replacing the fear with cheer and celebrating Wagoween! We partnered with professional dog trainer, Erika Gonzalez, over at From Dusk Till Dog to give pet parents tips on conquering common dog fears. Does your dog run from the vacuum? Does your pup hide during...

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At Embark, the insights into our canine companions start with genetics, but they don’t end there. We stay on top of the latest news in science, dog health, and more.

Embark with us as we decode dogs, both famous and close to home. Hear stories from our customers, watch the family reunions made possible by our canine Relative Finder, and access Embark contests and quizzes. We also explore how dogs have influenced human history, science, and holiday celebrations.

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