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Understanding Results

Dog DNA results can be surprising. We answer common questions about how to use your dog’s DNA test results, what to know about their traits and genetic health risks, and why breed surprises happen.

A brown and white mixed-breed dog looks up in front of a teal background.
Understanding Results

Dog Genetics 101


Genetics is the study of how DNA is passed down from one generation to the next. It is a complicated, always-changing field. Here, we’ll explain the basic concepts in dog genetics and define some genetics terms that you might see in your dog’s Embark results. Key terms in dog genetics explained You may see some...

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Tibetan Spaniel Puppy
Understanding Results

Can You Register a Dog With a DNA Test?


Can you register a dog with a DNA test? This is a question we’re asked often. Let’s look at the difference between a registered purebred dog and a single-breed ancestry DNA result and why the two terms are very different and should not be used interchangeably.  What’s the difference between purebred status and single-breed DNA...

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embark relatedness
Understanding Results

Discover Your Dog’s Genetic Relatives with Embark’s Relative Finder


Embark offers the world’s first and only canine relative finder, so you can further explore your dog’s DNA story. Our Relative Finder shows your dog’s relatives based on how much DNA they share. It also gives you the ability to connect with their owners. In fact, it has already led to several family reunions, like...

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puppy litter with different colors
Understanding Results

Recombination Explained: How Littermates Can Look Different


When two different purebred dogs have puppies, the resulting litter can have a wide spectrum of looks. This effect is compounded if the parents themselves are mixed breed. Sometimes it can be hard to believe the puppies are related going solely off their appearance. While it’s possible for one litter of puppies to have multiple...

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