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DNA Health Summary Report

DNA Health Summary Report for Breeders

December 13, 2021

Embark now offers a handy DNA Health Summary report which highlights a dog’s breed-specific genetic health condition results in a one-page, downloadable PDF. The DNA Health Summary is available for dogs tested with any Embark breeder kits or packages. This new tool for breeders is an easy-to-read, snapshot report showing the risk of developing breed-specific conditions. It can be included in a puppy buyer’s information packet, sent to a potential buyer, or shared with a dog’s veterinarian. You can log into your online profile to see the new report. 

DNA Health Summary report for breeders

The report begins with dog identification including the dog’s registered name, date of birth, sex, genetic ancestry, registered breed, registration body/number, Embark swab code number, and a link to the dog’s Embark profile. Next, the breed-relevant genetic health test results are separated into two sections. The first section shows which genetic health conditions a dog could develop signs and symptoms of. These results are the “at-risk” results from the full report. If your dog is not at risk for any genetic health conditions this section will not be included. The second section shows which health conditions the dog is not expected to develop signs and symptoms of. This includes clear and carrier test results from the full report.  

DNA health summary

The DNA Health Summary Report gives breeders another tool to share genetic health information with others. Please use the full Embark genetic test results/reports to learn about health conditions and the at-risk, carrier, and clear status of your dogs when making breeding decisions. Embark recommends owners speak with their veterinarian and breeder about specific risks and care recommendations associated with your dog’s results. 

At Risk DNA Health Summary

To see the DNA Health Summary reports for your dogs, please login to your My Embark for Breeders online profile. The new report will appear in the Print or Download Results section of any past or future breeder kit or package tested dog.  Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Kits come in a variety of breeding and litter packages and pricing.