Scottish Deerhound

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Scottish Deerhound is a massive, athletic, lovable dog. These gentle giants have been helping Scottish Highlanders hunt deer for hundreds of years. Today they can still be used for that purpose, but they more often just make wonderful companions.

Fun Fact

During olden times, Scottish noblemen could get out of a death sentence with the bribe of a a Scottish Deerhound.

  • About the Scottish Deerhound

    The Scottish Deerhound is a giant shaggy athlete. These big guys have been running around the Scottish Highlands for hundreds of years. This breed often gets mixed up with the Irish Wolfhound in history, but the Scottish Deerhound can be definitively traced back to the 16th century where it was used to hunt deer of course! These guys can still be a little difficult to differentiate from an Irish Wolfhound though. Imagine a Scottish Deerhound is like a shaggy Greyhound and an Irish Wolfhound is more like a shaggy Great Dane. Deerhounds will take as much exercise as you give them, but they are also fine just snoozing in front of the TV. Their wiry coat actually requires little maintenance. This is an easy-going, lovable breed that makes for a wonderful addition to the home.
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