Silken Windhound

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

These gentle dogs are descended from the larger Borzoi, the shorter-coated Whippet, and a bit of Sheltie, but are today very much a breed all their own.

Fun Fact

The oldest known Silken Windhound lived a few months past her 20th birthday. Many Silkens live well into their teen years.

  • About the Silken Windhound

    The Silken Windhound is a very new breed, with the first litter having been whelped in 1987 in the United States. Many Silkens are the favored pets of Borzoi owners who wanted something similar but in a smaller package. These small sighthounds weigh in at about 20-45 pounds, and their silky coat comes in all colors and patterns. Silkens do shed, but not excessively; they may require weekly brushing to prevent their coats from getting tangled.

    Like all their sighthound cousins, the Silken Windhound loves to run, and their desire to chase things is extremely powerful. However, they are a bit more trainable than other members of the sighthound family, and much more likely to do well in dog parks and learn how to come when called.

    Silken Windhounds are typically clean and well-mannered. They tend to be very good with children and other dogs, though it’s best to keep a close eye when introducing them to other animals such as cats— they are still sighthounds! Like their larger relatives, they will always appreciate having somewhere comfortable to lie down. Sharing the sofa with you is perfect.
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