In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated many regions in Houston and the Texas Coast. The natural disaster left many people and dogs displaced and homeless. As an active member of the dog community with deep roots in Texas, we know that there are amazing shelters and volunteers helping these dogs. They were stretched to their limits after the hurricane and needed help.

Embark donates $10K to Texas shelters

To show our support, Embark donated 100% of net profits from consumer website sales between August 30 to September 3, 2017 to the Houston Humane Society, SPCA of Texas, and the Embark Veterinary Foundation, where nonprofits helping dogs impacted by Hurricane Harvey can apply for grants. In total, we were proud to donate over $10,000 to organizations helping Harvey-impacted animals.

A note from Embark’s founders

At the time of the donation, Embark cofounders Ryan and Adam Boyko shared the following message:

If you have ever been curious about your dog’s breed or potential health risks, now is the time to learn more through our simple at-home swab test. You will not only be helping some of the most helpless victims of Harvey. Additionally, you will also be gaining important information that can help your dog live a happier, healthier life.

We founded Embark because dogs are our family and we know that the power of genetics can make lives better. Further, we believe that our furry family members should also receive this benefit. Unfortunately, ten years and thousands of discoveries after human consumer genetics started. No one was providing that same kind of DNA test for dogs. We changed that by creating Embark, the most comprehensive dog DNA test available.

We thank you for any support you can provide these dogs in need (and the shelters who are putting in Herculean efforts on the front lines). Please spread the word by sharing this article. There is no dollar limit to our donation.

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Ryan and Adam Boyko
Co-Founders, Embark Veterinary


Photo credit – imgur