Let the games begin! Embark loves a good competition and to get us in the Olympic spirit, we at Embark have challenged the dog lovers of America to raise money for their local animal shelters! We are running a special 20% off sale on our dog DNA tests with $10 per kit sold going to a shelter of your choice. The city with the most sales see’s their shelter’s donation doubled to $20 a kit. This promotion is no longer running.

We are delighted to be donating to a series of amazing shelters, whose heroic work saves the lives of thousands of helpless dogs around the nation. Let’s take a look at the work of our Phoenix beneficiary – Arizona Humane Society.

For nearly 60 years, the Arizona Humane Society has been committed to serving both the pets and people of its community. In its mission to improve the lives of animals, AHS has never been content to be just another animal welfare organization.

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Three years ago, AHS embarked on the most comprehensive reassessment of every program and procedure with the ultimate goal of making Maricopa County one of the best places to be a pet — not one of the worst. AHS invented a new playbook for animal welfare, which served as the catalyst for the most rapid change the organization has ever experienced. Through leadership and collaboration, AHS introduced new intake and adoption processes, implemented several new, innovative life-saving programs and focused on providing resources to help keep pets in homes. As AHS continues to provide the best solution for pets and people, the organization knows that now, more than ever before, AHS is truly making its community a better place for animals.

“AHS serves a unique role, providing leading-edge medical and behavioral care and innovative solutions that are helping us save more lives than ever, even animals who are considered “untreatable” by other shelters,” said Dr. Steven R. Hansen, AHS President and CEO. “When you make a lifesaving gift to AHS, you are providing food, shelter, medical care, and critical resources that create second chances for homeless pets with nowhere else to turn.”