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Reunited by Embark: Bamboo and Kona


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Here at Embark, with our newly released relative finder, we have reunited two adorable sibling pups! Bamboo and Kona were physically reunited in November, and we caught it on tape! Let’s get to know both of the pups and then watch them meet again.


embark kona sibling

Galit Einy adopted Kona after seeing him on Petfinder. She says he was part of a litter of seven puppies and has bright blue eyes. His adorable face is brown on one side and brown and white on the other.

“Kona is really cute,” Galit said. “When we met him, he was super sweet.”

Kona was adopted at about 10 weeks old and now lives in New York City. He loves to cuddle, play fetch and wrestle with other puppies. Galit says he’s really good about being off leash and will return to her when asked. He performs a few other tricks that add to his charm, including sitting and dropping.

“He’s really good at sitting because he knows he’ll get a treat,” Galit said with a laugh.

Kona fits in well with the family’s other dog, a 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who often begs for food. Kona quickly followed suit and learned how to put his paws on the table!

“I think they had a conversation one day when I wasn’t home,” Galit said. “Kona recently started begging.”

This endearing pup will tilt his head to the side when you talk to him like he’s trying to understand what you’re saying. And because he loves cuddling so much, when he’s playing fetch he’ll return the ball to Galit and then sit right in her lap before the next throw.

“He’s getting bigger now so that will be interesting,” Galit explained.


embark bamboo sibling

Kristin Dragos found Bamboo on Petfinder when she was 3 weeks old. Kristin says she is a sweet dog who loves everyone she meets.

“It takes us forever to get where we are going because Bamboo wants to meet all the people and pups on the way,” Kristin said. “She’s so well behaved and super smart.  She never barks and is amazing with our 18-month-old.”

Kristin went on to say that Bamboo will entertain her daughter for a couple of hours each day. Bamboo is extremely intelligent, which makes her even more special to the family. Kristin said that she’s never met a dog that listens so well.

Bamboo is not the only pet in the family. They also have three cats! When Bamboo first joined the family, she was the same size as the cats and a bit scared of them. Now that she is settled in, Bamboo follows the cats around and even sneaks a kiss or two.

Kristin was thrilled with the results of Bamboo’s DNA test. They were relieved to learn that she was cleared of all the genetic health conditions we test for.

“We’re thankful the test is so specific and tests for so many conditions. We were also dying to know what type of mix Bamboo is,” Kristin said.

Bamboo came from an Australian Shepherd Rescue and Kristin said most people label her a Catahoula Leopard, but neither of those breeds are part of her breed mix. 

The connection

After taking Embark Dog DNA Tests, we found that Bamboo and Kona are related using our Doggy DNA Relative Finder! The pups are siblings.  

Kristin said it was interesting to find out that Kona’s parents used the same test and she was curious to see if the breed mixes were the same.

Are you curious too? Click here for Kona’s results and here for Bamboo’s. And check out the video below to see the two pups reunite! It’s magic!

Wondering if your pup has a relative out there? Learn that and more with an Embark Dog DNA Test.

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