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Coat Genetics

Merle Coat Pattern Testing with Embark


Merle coat pattern testing is included in the Embark for Breeders DNA Kits by testing for the M Locus. Merle coat pattern is common to several dog breeds, including the Australian Shepherd, Catahoula Leopard Dog, and Shetland Sheepdog, among many others. In Dachshunds, this color pattern is known as “dapple.” A tricolor merle Australian Shepherd....

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Australian Cattle Dog Mix the Westminster Top All American Agility Dog
Famous Dogs

Fastest Westminster All-American Agility Dogs Test With Embark


Are you a fan of Agility and its superstars? If so, you may have seen lightning-fast mixed-breed dogs on the televised finals of the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster.  These talented athletes and their handlers, who have also tested their dogs with Embark, include Brio, and his handler Ali Park, of Fort Stewart, Georgia, the...

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Breed Surprise

What’s in Your Dog? Why Breed Doesn’t Always Dictate Appearance


What makes a dog breed a dog breed? Let’s answer that question using one of the most popular breeds today as an example: the Corgi. For starters, the signature bobtail in the Pembroke Welsh Corgis comes from a mutation in the T-box gene. Without it, the Corgi everyone knows and loves would look totally different....

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Exercise Induced Collapse in Dogs
Health Conditions

Exercise-Induced Collapse in Dogs


Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) in dogs is a common neurologic/brain and spinal cord disorder that can cause muscle weakness in dogs, leading to a sudden collapse during otherwise normal puppy play sessions. In a 2008 survey, owners reported that episodes were more likely to occur during times of excitement or, less commonly reported, high environmental temperatures....

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