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Advancing Canine Health: It Takes a Village

As the world’s leading dog DNA testing service we’re committed to ending preventable diseases in dogs. But that doesn’t happen in isolation: It takes a village. So when you partner with Embark, you become part of a dynamic, intricately linked ecosystem of  breeders, researchers, veterinarians, breed clubs, and global health organizations, all building upon each others’ work to improve the health of dogs everywhere. 

Where Embark comes in

It all starts with breeders and dog owners sharing their dogs’ information and genetic data—and at Embark, we’re uniquely positioned to help you be part of the solution. In addition to providing the world’s top canine testing service, we take a proactive approach to collaborating with diverse research partners and meeting their unique needs—from data sharing to analysis to cost control. So research is accelerated. Discoveries are made. Your dog benefits: A virtuous cycle.

Who’s on our extended team

Embark interacts with a wide variety of leading health organizations and foundations. This includes partnering with breed clubs; supporting research at health organizations; collaborating directly with researchers and veterinarians —and we can help you add them to your team, too.

  • Global health foundations: We support the Canine Health Foundation in their comprehensive canine research efforts. This year, we pledged $10K to the CHF in tribute to the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where we are a partner and yearly sponsor
  • National health organizations: We partner with national organizations on a wide variety of genetic studies—from providing the Morris Animal Foundation with genotyping for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to collaborating with the National Institutes for Health on a gastric cancer study impacting Belgian Shepherds.
  • Top veterinarians: We work with veterinarians to integrate genetics into routine veterinary care and rely on veterinary expertise for accurate clinical diagnoses to best leverage Embark’s medical-grade DNA genotyping platform.
  • Breed clubs: We collaborate with committed breeder clubs and organizations—the breed stewards—on vital breed population analyses, and support efforts aimed at improving research into long-term breed health and diversity, such as the Doberman Diversity Project.
  • University researchers: We work with hundreds of researchers and welcome their contributions. The high through-put capabilities of Embark’ unique testing platform allows us to lower costs—so we can share these savings with individual researchers to expedite their projects. If you have a study project in mind, we may be able to serve as a conduit.
  • Breeders like you: No one knows your dog better than you do, so we all rely on you to keep us in the loop. Let Embark help you seize the opportunity to advance canine science—by sharing your dog’s genetic data, responding to surveys, alerting researchers about health issues, leveraging the broad reach of social media. Every step of the way, we’ll be here to support you and your breeding program. Contact Embark’s Breeder Services team at or on Facebook at

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