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2020 #AllGoodDogs Recap


Embark's All dogs are good dogs contest

We believe that all dogs are good in their own way. Whether they’re cuddling up to you on the couch or waking you up extra early, you can’t stop loving your pup. So we held a contest for twelve #AllGoodDog titles to celebrate all the ways dogs are good. Thousands of pup parents entered their dogs to win and here’s a recap of our 2020 #AllGoodDogs title holders.


All Good Dogs Hall of Fame

The Dancing Dreamer:

IG: @millielionbear

The Dancing DreamerThe Dancing Dreamer Story

The Poo-Crastinator:

IG: @boofy_ezridax

#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner The Poo-crastinator#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner The Poo-crastinator Story

The Super Snuggler:

IG: @labragoobs_and_bogey

#AllGoodDog contest winner The Super Snuggler#AllGoodDog contest winner The Super Snuggler Story

The Crumb Patrol Captain:

IG: @silliecherry

#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner The Crumb Patrol Captain#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner The Crumb Patrol Captain Story

The Playtime Pro:

IG: @milathemaligator

#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner Playtime Pro#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner Playtime Pro Story

The Toy Terminator:

IG: @bellaboo.pibble

#AllGoodDogs Contest Winner Toy Terminator

The Joyous Jumper:


The Seat Snatcher:

IG: @zyhla_phone

The Meow Mate:

IG @s.a.n.d.w.i.t.c.h

#AllGoodDogs Meow Mate Winner#AllGoodDogs Meow Mate Story

The Goofy Gobbler:

IG: @stroopthecheagle

#AllGoodDogs Goofy Gobbler Winner#AllGoodDogs The Goofy Gobbler Story

The Most Adorable Alarm Clock:

IG: @thealphapets

#AllGoodDogs The Most Adorable Alarm Clock Winner#AllGoodDogs The Most Adorable Alarm Clock Story

The Zippiest Zoomer:

IG: @miras_puppy_adventures

#AllGoodDogs Zippiest Zoomer Winner#AllGoodDogs The Zippiest Zoomer Story



We will continue celebrating good dogs everywhere in 2021 and beyond.

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Mo Osinubi Contributor

An animal lover at heart, MO grew up with a Rottweiler puppy named Sheba, who sparked her love for animals. Throughout high school, MO worked as an aquarium guide at the New England Aquarium and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. However, her passion for writing and media led her to study marketing and communication. At Embark Veterinary, MO is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager and is delighted to bridge her love for animals with her career.

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