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Embark Veterinary Foundation Donates to The Sato Project

May 22, 2018

The Embark Veterinary Foundation, a non-profit sector of Embark Vet, recently donated $3,973.30 to The Sato Project, an organization with a mission of rescuing dogs who have been abused or abandoned in Puerto Rico.

“We’re excited that the Embark Foundation could help The Sato Project improve the lives of these dogs who were suffering in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria,” said Co-founder of Embark Ryan Boyko.

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The Sato Project

Founded in 2012, The Sato Project works to provide veterinary care to helpless dogs living on the island. They also bring those dogs ready for adoption to the New York area to find forever homes. The group also works with dogs affected by natural disasters, including Hurricane Maria. Maria ripped through the Atlantic in September of 2017, leaving only damage in her wake. The storm is reportedly the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico.

“The Sato Project is extremely grateful for the Embark Veterinary Foundation’s support of our rescue efforts in Puerto Rico,” said President and Founder of The Sato Project Chrissy Beckles. “Their grant is helping us rescue another 50 dogs abandoned after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. This is done by contributing to their veterinary care before we fly them off to new lives. Thank you for helping us ensure that the many stray and suffering animals on this island are not forgotten.”

Embark’s Donation

Part of Embark’s donation helped the project bring a group of dogs to the New York area. This happened the weekend of May 19. Unfortunately, according to The Sato Project, there was an unexpected turn of events with the transportation. The plane was delayed leaving Puerto Rico on Saturday, and then it got caught in some bad weather on its way to New York. Further, the aircraft had to make a stop in Pennsylvania, and the project’s staff and team of volunteers had to drive through the night to get the pups to New York. After all of this, the pups still made it to their FURever home. They are now getting to know their new families.

If you are interested in donating to the Embark Veterinary Foundation to help other dogs, please email

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