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VIDEO: Inbreeding Explained

October 17, 2018

When closely related dogs mate, it is defined as inbreeding. “Inbreeding is the mating of individuals or organisms that are genetically closely related, resulting in increased homozygosity and consequently an increase in the occurrence of recessive traits,” according to Nature. “This can lead to inbreeding depression: reduced biological fitness of the population.” 

In this video, our Senior Scientist Aaron Sams talks about inbreeding and how dogs are affected by it. If you’re curious about inbreeding and Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI), watch this quick video for some insight.

“Inbreeding is, simply put, the mating of closely related individuals. More broadly, it is the mating of closely related individuals in a population over many generations,” according to Sams. “In all species that humans have domesticated, some level of inbreeding occurs in order to concentrate desired traits into a breed.”

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