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Coat Genetics

Canine coat traits can be complex to decipher, but fun to decode. Learn how to interpret genetic results to predict coat colors, patterns, textures, furnishings, shedding, hairlessness, and length.


Science Corner: Coat Color Genetics 101


Coat color genetics can be fun and interesting at the same time. This is because there seems to be an exception to every rule, and the veterinary genetics community still has a lot to discover about coat color. Learning about the inheritance of coat colors can be incredibly rewarding as it is an opportunity to...

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Embark Introduces Merle Coat Color Testing


Embark is delighted to announce that we are now able to include testing for M Locus, or merle coat color, as of July 11. All dogs receiving results after August 1, 2018 should have the addition of a genotype for merle on their Traits page. M locus drives the merle coat patterning that is common to...

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