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Shelter Spotlight: Our Pack Animal Rescue Inc.,



Our Pack Animal Rescue Inc., was founded in August of 2019 and is based in and around New London, Wisconsin. This nonprofit animal rescue is a foster-based organization that focuses solely on dogs. The mission of Our Pack is to “rescue, rehabilitate, rehome, and repeat”. Even though they are a newer operation, they have proven themselves to be successful in rehoming dozens of dogs since opening less than a year ago.

The services Our Pack Animal Rescue Inc., Offers

Our Pack separates themself from others by trying to help the underdogs first. The black-coated dogs, the older aged dogs, and the under-socialized are the dogs that Our Pack tries to find first. All dogs deserve a chance and so many get overlooked due to certain characteristics, so this rescue tries to find the dogs that may need bit more help getting adopted than others for reasons that are out of the dog’s control. Our Pack also works hard to help dogs reach their potential by paying for any necessary health and/or behavioral interventions prior to putting them up for adoption.

Meet Fiona


Fiona is one of the many pups from Our Pack that falls under the category of a success story. She was in a kill shelter when Our Pack saved her. Fiona had some trust issues for quite some time with both dogs and people. After living in a handful of homes, she has grown to learn what it means to be in a loving home and feel safe. She is now living her best life with her forever family and her adoptive dog brother.


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