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Shelter Spotlight: WAMAL


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The Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) has been serving Washing and Oregon State since 1998. WAMAL is a breed-specific rescue organization that  works closely with Malamutes and “Mal-enough-a-mute” mixes. These dogs have very specific traits and require homes that are prepared and educated about the breed.  One of the most common reasons owners surrender Malamutes and Malamute mixes is because they were unaware of the care that these full-grown dogs require before adopting them.

The services WAMAL offers

WAMAL rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes the dogs they care for. They also offer training support for families who are working to keep their furry friend but weren’t necessarily prepared for owning a malamute or malamute mix. WAMAL is 100% volunteer-run and part of the national reduce network Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (AMAL). The main challenge that WAMAL faces is finding qualified adopters. Malamutes are beautiful dogs that are easy to love, especially as puppies. However, as they grow, they become large,  independent thinking, highly intelligent pack animals who can quickly become destructive without a  consistent and patient owner. They require firm training and enough space so that they can become socially well-adjusted. A well-trained Malamute is a  loyal and loving companion with a goofy and laid-back demeanor. 

Malamute mix

Meet Crimson’s Pup

This past November Crimson came to WAMAL as an Owner Surrender and then found herself in a caring l foster home. Her foster family was concerned because Crimson was panting a lot and had abdominal swelling so they took her to the vet. The family, as well as WAMAL, got quite the surprise to find out she was pregnant. Just a few days later Crimson gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. However, they didn’t look like Malamute puppies so they turned to Embark to solve the mystery. We were able to test one of the puppies to determine their mixed breed results.  Finding out what combination of breed(s) these puppies were was very important so that we could help WAMAL figure out the best homes for them. The puppy’s results helped to determine size, breed traits, recommended socialization protocols and allowed WAMAL to pass this information along to the adopters in a timely manner.

WAMAL would like to note that they do not usually have puppies for adoption as they typically rescue Malamutes and Malamute mixes that are between the ages of 1 and 2. All 8 puppies have been placed in their forever homes with qualified adopters. 





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