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World’s Most Outrageous Dog Houses


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When you think of dog houses, you might picture Snoopy’s little, red abode or the popular and classic igloo-style den. We were surprised to find that the world of dog houses is more varied and unusual than one might think. We found houses with spa pools and sundecks, heating and electricity, and a few that were even designed by famous architects. Check out our list of the world’s most outrageous dog houses!

The luxury suite

Designed by British Architect Andy Ramus, this dog house is nothing short of extravagant. At $417,000, it just might be the most expensive dog house in the world. The house includes a retina scan entry system, automatic food and water dispensers, a plasma screen TV, webcam, a spa pool, and all of it is climate controlled.

Micro mansion

With air conditioning, heating, and designer furniture, Paris Hilton’s pups must really enjoy this Spanish style home. At $325,000, the 300 square-foot house was decorated by top designer, Faye Resnick. According to Elle Decor, the walls inside are bubblegum pink and the crown molding is black. There are upholstered daybeds, bean bags, and doggy beds scattered around for the pups to use at their leisure.

California dreamin’

A $30,000, custom-built dog houses from La Petite Maison are meant to resemble some of the earthen-colored homes you might see dotting the hills of California. This puppy palace sports a tiled roof, lighting, multiple windows, and a cozy sleeping area.

Greek revival

At $10,000, the Greek revival dog house boasts running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heat! Said to be designed by the same architect who created the famed Swiss Chalet, this tiny home is fit for canine royalty. Click here to see the many windows and interesting trim.

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Modern home

A dog house that is fully customizable?! According to the website PD Workshop, this $3,500 version has a low pitched roof and eaves that allow for a shaded interior while providing ventilation for the pup to stay cool. This dog house has both indoor and outdoor comforts for the dog by means of a deck. The deck extends inside to create a cozy retreat for the dog to cuddle up on the cool artificial turf while also allowing him or her to soak in some rays on a private deck.

Click here to see its sleek design.

Cozy oak

This simple and comfortable dog house is perfect for when your dog would like to relax in the yard and stay safe from the elements. At $359, the raised interior floor is easy to clean and the slated roof prevents any water from accumulating. The large entrance provides a great lookout and plenty of fresh air.

The deck view

This dog house is a great and moderately priced find. At $71.57, a sun-loving dog would likely enjoy the sundeck, perfect for an afternoon nap. There are lots of interesting features to this house, including kiln-dried cedar that is stained with natural, dog-friendly ingredients and the raised floor that is easy to clean.

Click here to see the two-story concept.

Doggie duplex

Do you have two dogs that love to hang out together? At $209, this is the perfect little dog house for an inseparable duo! According to the website Boomer & George, this charming duplex dog house has a cream stain with a whitewash trim accent. Its raised design keeps the floor dry and your pup comfortable. The covered porch allows your pooch to lounge in comfort and style.

Click here to the side-by-side hangouts.


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