Mo Osinubi


Mo Osinubi

An animal lover at heart, MO grew up with a Rottweiler puppy named Sheba, who sparked her love for animals. Throughout high school, MO worked as an aquarium guide at the New England Aquarium and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist.

However, her passion for writing and media led her to study marketing and communication. MO has been in marketing and communications for over thirteen years and has helped brands develop campaigns, communications, DEI programs, and strategic growth initiatives. As a writer, poet, and artist, MO’s drive is to unlock the power of creativity. At Embark Veterinary, MO is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager and is delighted to bridge her love for animals with her career.

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Black Legacy in Veterinary Medicine: The Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine


Here at Embark, we’re on a mission to improve the life and longevity of all dogs through science and technology. We’re jazzed up to celebrate the unique contributions that have made an impact on veterinary medicine. After all, it‘s in our DNA. So in honor of Black History Month, we’re spotlighting one of the most...

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Vet-Approved Dog Gift Guide


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Embark may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. All linked products have been reviewed by a veterinarian. This year has ushered in many changes and our dogs and puppies are right there beside us through it all. The unconditional love and support we get...

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How to Crate Train Your Puppy


When you bring a new puppy home there’s a lot you need to get: food and toys to bowls, leashes, collars, and a crate! It’s important to start training your new puppy right away, including potty training and crate training.  Why crate train?  Puppies require a lot of attention and supervision to make sure they...

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Customer Stories

Embark Customer Stories: The Winston Family


When Winston came home to his new pet parents Griff and Laurel, he was a 50-pound bundle of sweetness and energy. A one-year-old rescue dog from Tennessee, Winston’s personality was immediately apparent—but wasn’t as clear as his breed, his background, and his health profile. That’s why Griff and Laurel turned to Embark. Earlier this year,...

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Dog Decoded

Delilah’s Breed Reveal


This adorable cookies and cream puppy mystery sparked many guesses across our social media. The guesses were as mixed as Delilah’s coat and now the wait is over!  Embark Breed ID Results Another puppy mystery solved. Delilah’s dominant breed is 38.9% American Pit Bull Terrier followed by 17.3% Pomeranian, 16.2% Australian Cattle Dog and 10.5%...

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Preventive Care

All About Overheating in Dogs


The sun is out and your dog’s tongue is out, it’s time for fun! Finally, you and your dog can hit the trails early, chill poolside, or go to the beach and play ultimate frisbee. However, high temperatures come with higher risks of dog overheating, the number one canine safety concern in the summer. Whatever...

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Training & Behavior

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?


If your dog licks you a lot, you aren’t alone! Licking is a very natural canine behavior and highly enjoyable for dogs like nipping and mouthing. After giving birth, mother dogs will lick their newborn puppies to stimulate them to breathe and eat. Licking also releases endorphins that make dogs of all ages feel relaxed...

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The Best Parts: Dog Mom Edition


This year, Mother’s Day is May 12 and National Dog Moms Day is May 11. It’s the perfect weekend to celebrate moms and dog moms! A dog mom can be anyone. They can have one dog or a puppy squad. They might have human children or just their furry friends. They could be dog people...

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Dog Decoded

Genes Behind The Coolest Canine Traits


Did you know dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes in each cell? Chromosomes are made up of thousands of genes that carry traits inscribed in DNA. Just like you, your dog gets one set of genes from its mom and another from its dad. Since traits are inherited, all sorts of mix and matching can...

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Bonding With Your Dog

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Basketball


Are you ready for Mutt Madness? You can get into the fun at home by teaching your dog to actually play basketball. Move over Air Bud, your dog can soon be shooting hoops in your living room impressing all of your friends and family.  Basketball Supplies To get started teaching this trick, you will need...

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Happy Dogsgiving


Our pups give us so much to be thankful for, so we’re dedicating this slice of November to them. Learn some tips, try a recipe, and turn up the love for #Dogsgiving! Explore: Etiquette   Recipes   Social Teach your dog dining etiquette Whether they’re eating their own food or eyeing yours, it’s important for...

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