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Genes Behind The Coolest Canine Traits


Did you know dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes in each cell? Chromosomes are made up of thousands of genes that carry traits inscribed in DNA. Just like you, your dog gets one set of genes from its mom and another from its dad. Since traits are inherited, all sorts of mix and matching can occur on the genetic level (examples). Genes are made up of four chemical bases represented by the letters A, T, C, and G. These bases combine in specific ways to create the blueprint for dogs. Blueprints we decode every day. 

Cool canine traits incoming…

MC1R: The Batman gene

Embark cool canine traits - Batmen - Gene MC1R

LMBR1: Double digits gene

ACSL4: Gains gene

Embark Cool Canine Traits - Gains

EPAS1: High flyer gene

Embark Cool Canine Traits - High flyer

POMC: Munchies gene

Cool Canine Traits full infographic

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As leaders in dog genetics, how we test your dog’s DNA is what sets us apart, making us the most accurate dog DNA test on the market. There may even be cooler traits we can possibly discover as we continue to collect more data and get feedback from customers. Haven’t decoded your dog yet? Here’s your chance.

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