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The Best Parts: Dog Mom Edition


Mother’s Day may be over for the year, but it’s the perfect time to celebrate Dog Mom’s Day! The bond between a woman and her best fur-iend is so special — from speaking a dog’s love languages to holding your new puppy for the first time. So let’s take a moment to celebrate all the dog moms out there! 

Petting Two Dogs
“When I pet two dogs (one per hand), I wonder if this is what heaven is like” -@programmers_bestfriends


A dog mom can be anyone. They can have one dog or a puppy squad, have human children, or just their furry friends. They can be dog people through and through, or have a puppy, two kittens, and a parakeet. Dog moms can live anywhere and do anything. 

But no matter how different they are, all dog moms have one thing in common — they love their dogs and want them to have the best lives possible.

At Embark, we recently asked our social media followers to tell us their favorite thing about being a dog mom and were blown away by the messages we received. We heard your emotional, touching stories about the puppies you raised and the dogs you adopted. You told us how your dogs inspire and comfort you. And most importantly, you shared just how much you love your dogs — and how they love you right back.

“Even when he’s being naughty, he’s goofy and cute. I know I shouldn’t laugh when he steals my socks, but he just looks SO proud of himself and it brings me joy.”—Robin
Here are the top four reasons why being a dog mom is the best:

Comfort and hope

When you’re a dog mom, you always have someone by your side. Maybe you had a terrible day at work. Maybe you’re in a fight with your best friend. But when you’re snuggled up on the couch with your dog, everything feels just a little better.

IG @_iamerica_
“Having a companion that brings so much joy to your life without even trying.”—Jessica

Sarah B said their favorite part of being a dog mom was when “they
look at you and you know everything is going to be alright.” And another Embark Instagram follower said their dog’s “loyalty and the healing he has brought to me for anxiety”. From “middle of the night snuggles” to “bulldog snores” — dog moms made it clear that just being around their pets makes every day a little better.

Somebody is always happy to see you

Sure — dogs make us happy. But being a dog mom also means you get to see the way you make your dog happy. On Instagram, @maximussirius said the best part of having a dog was hearing those “tippy taps you hear outside the door when you get home from work.” And Anna said, “Seeing how your dog is so happy to see you first thing in the morning! It’s a great start to your day!” 

Dog head resting on legs
IG @thealphapets
“When I start to wake up in the morning, as soon as I move I immediately hear my pups tails start pounding against the bed, wiggle-waggling with excitement.”—Brittany P.

When you see how happy your dog is to spend time with you, you know you’re a great dog mom.

Watching them grow and learn

May be an image of Maltese and text
On Facebook, Kelli L. documented Kevin’s smile growing bigger every month after being adopted. She wrote, “He is my best friend now, he goes everywhere with me and his unconditional love got me through the madness of 2020. I am thankful the universe moved him around until we found each other.”


When you become a dog mom, you’re starting a journey with your pup that will change you both. From learning new skills to getting bigger (and bigger… and bigger!) you told us how powerful and fulfilling it was to help your dogs grow into the powerful, wonderful companions they became. 

Katie said, “I watched my poodle (Lucy) go from a tiny 15-week-old puppy to a 4-year-old with 6 AKC titles.” And, on Facebook, Cheryl told us the best part of being a dog mom was “rescuing Bruiser as a 1 and a half-year-old out-of-control German Shepherd and watching him bloom into the wonderful helper and companion he is now. In the past 5 years, he has earned his CGC, 4 AKC Trick Dog titles, and is a service dog trained to help me with mobility and picking up objects. I am so blessed to have him and can’t imagine my life without him.”

May be an image of dog
Bruiser, the German Shepherd service dog


The unconditional love

an employee out for a walk with her dog

The best thing about being a dog mom? The absolute, no-string-attached love you get from your pups. This was hands-down the number one answer we heard from dog moms again and again. At the end of the day, the love between a dog mom and her pup just can’t be beat.

“They love us absolutely unconditionally, and it’s the least we can get them back in return.”—Barbara

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dog mom in your life? Or maybe you’re a dog mom who wants to understand your dog better than ever?

Embark’s Dog DNA Test was designed by veterinarians and scientists to help dog owners decode their dog’s deepest secrets so dog moms can learn more about their pup’s breed, genetic health risks, and much more. Embark is also home to the world’s only canine relative finder, so you might be able to find your dog’s family. What a great mother’s day gift for dogs and their humans!

Mo Osinubi Contributor

An animal lover at heart, MO grew up with a Rottweiler puppy named Sheba, who sparked her love for animals. Throughout high school, MO worked as an aquarium guide at the New England Aquarium and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. However, her passion for writing and media led her to study marketing and communication. At Embark Veterinary, MO is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager and is delighted to bridge her love for animals with her career.

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