Taking an Embark Dog DNA Test means you can learn about your dog’s breed, health, ancestry, and traits… but did you know that we can also connect you with your dog’s relatives?

We recently launched our new Doggy DNA Relative Finder, which connects you with other Embark dogs that are related to your pup based on the estimated percentage of DNA they share! Using this feature, we found that Viva and Bella are full siblings! Let’s get to know more about this adorable duo.


Briana adopted Viva in August of 2017. She first saw Viva’s profile on Palmetto Paws’ website. The rescue, in Charleston, South Carolina, picks up dogs from other shelters that have a hard time getting adopted. Briana said it was Viva’s sweet face and intelligent eyes that made her stand out. When they first met, Briana said she couldn’t help but fall in love with Viva.

“Right away you could tell she was a smart dog and we brought her home with us,” Briana said.

Viva was barely 20 pounds when she was first adopted and had a purple tongue!

embark viva sibling

“She’s been absolutely delightful,” Briana said of her pup.

When asked what Viva’s favorite foods are, Briana said: “she loves food, period.” Viva is super smart, a great communicator and loves to learn new tricks. She has taken a liking to bugs, birds and small animals.

“She’s got a biologist side of her, she’ll watch a bug walk around for an hour,” Briana explained. “She’ll also bring her toys over to you when she wants to play tug of war.”

A few months after getting Viva, Briana decided to adopt another dog so she could have a friend! Both pups get along swimmingly and are happy to have each other.

Then, when Briana found out Viva had a sister, she was extremely excited! Unfortunately, Viva lives with Briana in Hawaii, so a reunion may not be in the cards for these siblings.

Brianna says she bought an Embark Dog DNA Test because she was interested in “breed mix and health conditions.”

“It offered a really good spectrum of information,” she explained.

Click here to see Viva’s Embark results.


After losing one of his rescues suddenly, Richard decided to adopt a new puppy so his 10-year-old dog, Yogi, would have a friend. He took to Petfinder and came across Bella at a rescue in Pennsylvania.

“I contacted them online, set up a meet and greet, and I fell in love with her instantly!” Richard said.

When asked what unique characteristics Bella possesses, Richard said, “Her all black tongue!”

He went on to say, “I have never seen a lab with an all-black tongue and was instantly intrigued! When we brought her to the vet for her puppy shots and checkup, the vet noticed her tongue as well and said she must be part Chow! I was blown away as she simply looks nothing like a Chow!”

According to Richard, she has another unique trait: “leading with her butt.”

“From the very first day we brought her home she would kind of like walk backward into someone sitting on the couch or into our other dog, Yogi. She even playfully sits on him, a lot,” Richard explained.

embark bella sibling

Bella is a very playful pup and loves to chase Yogi around, when she’s not sitting on him that is. She’ll run up to him with a toy, drop it at his feet, and then take off! Yogi then follows.

“It certainly keeps him young,” Richard said of Yogi.

Bella also loves going to lakes and riding in the car with her head hanging out of the window. Her favorite outdoor toy is a frisbee, although she doesn’t catch it, just loves to run after it. Her favorite indoor toy is a stuffed duck. Her duck came in a pack of three, including an alligator and frog. Richard says she always destroys stuffed toys, and she tore the alligator and frog to pieces, but coddles the duck! Bella carries the duck around and likes to nuzzle it when she lays down.

“It’s the strangest and cutest thing rolled into one,” Richard explained. “After about 3 months she eventually starts pulling the stuffing out though. Fortunately, I purchased about 20 sets of those toys. I give all the alligators and frogs to the local shelter and have a bag full of ducks on standby for her.”

How adorable is that?!

Now if she does start ripping the stuffing out of one of her toys, Yogi will place his paw on Richard’s leg, letting him know that she’s up to no good!

Richard says he took an Embark test because Bella’s black tongue really intrigued him.

“It turns out she is a true mutt! She did indeed have Chow Chow in her, as well as Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Lab, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Boxer,” Richard explained. “Being that we adopted her as a puppy, I was also very interested in the health report that Embark includes. It was very thorough and even had a simple Vet Report to print out and bring to my vet to put in Bella’s file.”

Richard went on to say that he loves the research we are doing here at Embark and was ecstatic when he learned that we had found Bella’s sibling!

“I was shocked, amazed, and super excited,” Richard said.

Viva’s owner Brianna sent Richard some photos and he saw the resemblance right away.

“Their physical characteristics and color coatings are extremely similar–the only difference is that Viva has more pointy ears like a German Shepherd compared to Bella’s semi-floppy ears,” Richard said. “I am so happy knowing that at least one of Bella’s sisters found such a lovely home with a fantastic owner. I was also quite impressed that Embark went the extra mile to actually confirm that they are indeed siblings!”

Both parents are now communicating via email and sharing pictures of their pups!

Click here to check out Bella’s Embark results. And if you want to get to know your dog better than ever before, order your own Embark Dog DNA Test today!

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