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Embark Donates to 6 Shelters Across 3 States


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In 2018, Embark completed a shelter project that placed 10 dogs in forever homes! We also donated a portion of sales from the weekend of Clear the Shelters back to the six rescue organizations that participated in our project.

The project

Embark donated free dog DNA tests to six different shelters across three states.  We asked the shelters to use the kits on the older dogs because we know that they often have a hard time getting adopted.

We believe that dogs with our results, and therefore more information for the adopter, have a better chance of finding a forever home. We worked with three MSPCA locations and Last Hope K9 in Massachusetts, The SPCA of Tompkins County in New York, and The Austin Humane Society in Texas. Each shelter swabbed dogs over the age of 8. We then posted photos and videos of all the dogs across all of our social media platforms, highlighting each one to get them more exposure.

We were thrilled when 10 of the dogs were adopted! We are happy that they have new parents and we hope that they will be perfectly content in their new, forever homes.

shelter dog

“By donating our DNA kits to these shelters and providing insights into their breed makeup and health traits, our sincere hope was each dog would have a better chance at finding a home. We are beyond thrilled to hear of the adoptions of 10 senior dogs through this program,” said Embark cofounder Ryan Boyko. “As senior dogs typically have a harder time getting adopted, it was important to us at Embark to highlight every special pup individually as each deserves a happy forever home.”

The donation

Clear the Shelters is a day designated to finding adoptable pets’ new homes. The annual event first launched in 2015, and 164,370 pets have been adopted since. This event was held on August 18 and Embark participated by donating 5% of sales from that weekend to the six different shelters that participated in our recent project. We were happy to help!


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