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Enhanced My Embark for Breeders Page Highlights Breeder Tools


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When breeders log in to their account today they will experience the new look and enhanced functionality of their My Embark for Breeders page. Breeder tools, including available Matchmaker breeds, will now be front and center as well as new search functions that will make finding dogs easier, especially for those with multiple dogs. After hearing from breeders about their online needs and requested improvements, Embark is launching this upgrade for desktop and mobile device users as a foundational first step to bring breeders a better results experience, with more advancements to follow. No action is needed on the part of the breeder to view the new page; just log in or refresh your browser and enjoy!


Breeder Tools

The improved My Embark for Breeders page gives easy access to a host of breeder tools, including Add a Dog, Activate Kit(s), Kennel Profile, Dog Settings, and Matchmaker.

  • Add a Dog encourages breeders to add a dog to their account that may not yet be Embark-tested but is part of their breeding program. This might include dogs that have been used for frozen semen breedings from deceased sires.  
  • Activate Kit(s) is a quick shortcut to activate any new kits for dams, sires, or litters that are about to be swabbed and DNA tested. 
  • Kennel Profile showcases a breeder’s kennel, business, or breeding program contact information.
  • Dog Settings gives breeder’s control over which test results (i.e. breed, health, traits) are shared on each dog’s public profile. 
  • Matchmaker is a tool to help search and identify potential breeding matches. It appears in the breeder tools if your breed is one of the 44 breeds now available. 

Embark Breeder Tools

Dog Navigation and Insights

The streamlined view of dogs in the My Embark for Breeders page is now optimized for accounts with multiple dogs. 

  • Dogs Per Page is a new feature that allows breeders to choose whether to view 10, 25 or 50 dogs per page in both the card view and the list view. Breeders can also select which page they’d like to view. 
  • Search Bar is another new feature that helps breeders to search for a dog either by its call name or its registered name. 
  • Genetic COI % will now appear on each dog’s card which links to an updated COI results section on the health summary page.  

Dog Card

Personalized Name 

Once a breeder fills out their kennel/breeding program name in their kennel profile, it will appear as the header on their My Embark for Breeders page. 

This upgrade to the My Embark for Breeders page is available to all new and current breeders with Embark-tested dogs with any activated Embark for Breeders DNA Kits. Embark for Breeders also provides a wide range of educational content for the novice and experienced breeder to learn more about canine genetics.  

Here’s a detailed article on the new features of the My Embark for Breeders page. 


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