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Hiking infographic header illustrated dog and trees

2020’s Top Stories

January 15, 2021

Our top stories of 2020

See our favorite stories from a year that needed all of the good news and puppy tales it could get. 

sleepy dog infographic banner

Dog Sleeping Habits

Dogs sleep a lot. According to AKC, dogs can spend half their day napping. That number is higher for older dogs and larger breed dogs.

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Embark Dogsgiving dog with dinner bowl in its mouth, autumn leaves in the background.

Happy Dogsgiving

Our pups give us so much to be thankful for, so we’re dedicating this slice of November to them. Learn some tips, try a recipe,

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2020 Dog Gifting Trends with cartoon image of a dog with a present

2020 Dog Gifting Trends

It’s gifting season again. We recently surveyed pup parents asking them about their gifting habits to get an idea of what dogs might be unwrapping

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