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Embark Unveils New Doggy DNA Relative Finder

November 19, 2018

Hey Embarkers! Thanks for checking out our blog! We’ll keep you updated on Embark news, plus share dog-raising tips and tricks, breed guides, fun stories about dogs that will give you all the feels, easy to read posts that explain the science behind our dog DNA tests, and so much more! Today, we’re excited to announce some Embark news!

Doggy DNA Relative Finder

We’re happy to release a new upgrade to the Embark experience called Doggy DNA Relative Finder. This new feature connects you with other Embark dogs that are related to your pup based on the percentage of DNA they share!

After our geneticists analyze your dog’s DNA and provide your results, they look at how much DNA your dog shares with others in our database. Very cool, we know!

We’ll even tell you how that translates to a human family relationship and how much DNA certain relatives, like siblings or cousins, share. That way, you can tell how closely related your pup is to his or her DNA matches, relative to human family relationships.

You see, when DNA is passed through generations, it goes through a process called recombination. In both humans and canines, recombination shuffles the DNA carried by parents before it is passed to their offspring. However, many stretches of DNA remain intact, which allows geneticists to identify the relatedness between individuals after looking at hundreds of thousands of genetic markers. Dog evolution differs from human evolution in many ways and that can affect the amount of relatedness between close relatives. 

Want to know more? Click here to learn more about relatedness and check out your dog’s profile to see how many relatives your pup has in our system!